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Pet water stand ~  dog water stand 


Why should your pet drink from a bottle?


The first thing we will talk about is the water bowl

  • Why is it bad. Many toy breeds have hairy faces (flat faces),  bowls are not a good choice for offering your pet water because the water from a bowl will sit on their face causing red yeast to grow which causes face staining. 


  • When our pets drink from a bowl the water is contaminated by particles of food and debris, unless you change the water and clean the bowl every time they drink. 


  • Bowls cause a big mess in the floor and your pet will dry his or her face on your couch, carpet, anything they can rub on. 


  • If your pet has surgery and has a cone, it is virtually impossible drink from a bowl.


  • Studies show dogs have to move water against gravity from a bowl to the body taking much more effort to get water into the body



Now lets talk about the water bottle

  • Keep the face clean and dry to help prevent red yeast growth and face staining


  • Water stays clean in the enclosed bottle - no food or object contamination 


  • No messy floors because water goes in your pets mouth causing less drips


  •  eliminating the need to rub on your floor and other areas of your home. 


  • When pets have to wear a cone the spout of the bottle is easily accessible


  • Gravity helps get the water to the body without any loss from lapping. 





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Why us a bottle?

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