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Pet water stand ~  dog water stand 



My name is Leslie LeFave. I have been breeding and showing AKC quality Shih Tzu for fifteen years under the kennel name Tian Mi Shih Tzu or ShihTzuKisses.com  Check out the site to see my dogs and as a testimonial to The Pet Oasis. My dogs exclusively use The Pet Oasis. 

When I got started I was using water bowls and found it to be very messy. I also discovered the water sitting on their face after drinking caused red staining. I started rigging up bottles to chair legs and with nails to walls. It worked but was very unsightly and difficult to refill. It was not long I developed a wood product that could hold the bottle easily and I could move it to any place in my home I wished.  It worked! Over time the wood collected dog hair that was almost impossible to get off and they had to be replaced every few years. 

That is when the need for a better product came to mind. I wanted something sleek and easy to clean. I wanted something adjustable so I did not have to drill new holes for babies. I wanted something that would last forever and fit any decor. I harassed a retired engineer friend named Ralph Mishler, he came up with the drawings and the design I wanted and we took it to production. The Pet Oasis was born!!! Soon after production, we started sharing The Pet Oasis with fellow dog and cat lovers all over the US and they love it as much as we do. Dogs/ cats all over are now thankful for fresh clean water without the mess.  

Many catteries and cat owners have bought The Pet Oasis, its not just for dogs!!! 

If your dog or cat is currently using a bowl, just put a dab of peanut butter or cream cheese on the end of the spout and your dog or cat will discover how much better a bottle can be.






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