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Pet water stand ~  dog water stand 


Is your small pet making an absolute mess of your house and furniture 

when they drink water from a bowl? 

Is your dog face stained and you just cant get it clean?  

The Pet Oasis is the best free standing water bottle stand on the market. 

Our stands accept a variety of watering options for your pet

Bubba bundle is curretly our best seller and only option


Watering your pet from a water bottle is the best way to keep  their faces dry and clean and provide the freshest water. Keeping faces dry and clean helps to prevent water from sitting on the face whiskers and causing red yeast to grow, resulting in a stained face pet. 

This yeast travels between the eyes and eventually in the ears for chronic ear infection. 

Water bottles keep pets from rubbing their faces on your furniture and floor to get them dry after they have had a drink. These wonderful stands bring the convenience of being able to place a water bottle anywhere you would like without having to "rig" something up.  Each Pet Oasis stand is made from high FOOD grade Acrylic, will not bend or break and is user adjustable. 

NOTE: Designed for pets 50 lbs or under. 

If your pet has never drank from a water bottle before making the transition is simple. Just put some peanut butter or cheese on the tip of the bottle and it will entice your pet to give it a try. Once they discover the water is fresh and easy to get they will be coming back for more.


Why use a bottle instead of a bowl?

All pet water stands are not created equal. If your fur baby is a dog,

  • Make sure to purchase a dog water bottle

  • Using a rabbit or small animal bottle on a regular basis is bad for your baby.

  • Small bottles do not provide adequate water for your baby. 

  • Dogs have to work extra hard for water and eventually give up and settle for the minimal amount of water their body needs. 

  • Not getting adequate water can cause kidney damage.

  • All pet Oasis options are appropriate for dogs.

  • The Pet Oasis is made of food grade acrylic. Only the best.

  • The Pet Oasis is sturdy and adjustable to meet the changing needs of pets.




Bubba bundle  

Extra attachments



Why us a bottle?

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